Measure My Life

A man with long hair and a beard is holding something in his mouth.

I used to measure the sunlight upon your faceMeasure the raindrops so full of graceMeasure the stars, measure the cloudsMeasure my life around you I used to measure the flowers one by oneMeasure the hours under the sunMeasure my heartbeats and measure my dreamsMeasure my life around you Ooh … I used to measure my…

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One Summer Day

A man with long hair and wearing a vest.

When I was young and dumb and innocentYou said to meA golden boy with a golden voiceIs what you are to meSo strong and wise your sound adviceThese words you said to meThe road of life may be long and wideBefore you reach your destiny If you take a stand, My SonThen you’ll be a…

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New England Morning

A man with long hair and a black jacket.

On a cold and gray New England MorningLimitless, my love for theeI’m awakened from a dream enchantedPirates sailing on the seaAs we sail across the dark blue watersMistiness becomes my breathWhile a maiden, fair of form and virtueIn her kingdom far so sweetly rests She has watched the rivers runShe has kissed the morning sun…

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Travels of an Ordinary Man

A man in a suit and tie sitting down

Life keeps on goingIt doesn’t stop for anyoneJust when you think you’ve got it figured out It’s gone to science fictionAnd as we orbit MarsDon’t you see the LightNear the Presence of GodFeel my heart beating faster Circles around the EarthCircles around these eyesCircles around the Man in the Moon Hearing the children’s laughter after…

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A man sitting at a piano in front of an audience.

As we walk along the sands of timeI’ll give you all the lovin’ that you needLet me be the one who fills your cupAnd shares your every up, your every down I know this time it’s not too late for meAnd we will fly above the silver skyYou and IAnd with a kiss for everlasting…

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